Glamping under the stars in a restored covered wagon

Under the stars in a restored covered wagon.

This was a project I was shooting for a new travel startup called Hipcamp. The property is located 12 miles outside of Page Arizona and is a working sheep farm with lots of friendly animals right down the road from horseshoe bend. After checking in and getting a lay of the land our host took us over to the camp section of the property which had 2 large bell tents, 2 covered wagons, a traditional sweat lodge and large communal firepit. Facilities were minimal but we did have bucket showers and porta-johns.

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Our wagon was beautifully restored and surprisingly spacious – being 6’1” I didn’t think I was going to get much room to sprawl out but it was much roomier than it appeared at first glace. We got settled in and relaxed, chatted with the German tourist who was the covered wagon neighbor next to us and ate some lunch out of our picnic basket before exploring the property and playing with the animals until sunset – I think both of our favorites was the very friendly cow named “Charlie” who roams the property and loves attention.

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As night set in the experienced changed and a whole new magic started to set in. The only electricity on the property is located at the main house so its candles or solar lights if you are in a wagon or the bell tents – the minimal light pollution and clear desert sky made for some incredible views of the milky way and we couldn’t stop starting up. Inside the wagon creaks and sways as the desert wind whistles through the little gaps in the canvas and cracks in the antique wood. You can’t help but think that the sounds you hear are the same ones the sheepherders would listen to as they fell asleep on the Montana range over 100 years ago and many of their original tools still hang in the wagon in the same place they would if it was still operational making it impossible not to be touched by the nostalgia of it all.

We woke up warm and comfortable after our night on the range in the wagon and were served a traditional Navajo breakfast soon after sunrise. After eating, cleaning and taking one last look at the little piece of history we spent the night it in it was time to hit the road and we were on our way back to Durango and one step closer to the next adventure!

If you are interested in visiting this amazing property checkout the links below.¬†Baya And Paul were wonderful hosts and we can’t wait to visit again.

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